Cabinets to go in Norfolk , Virginia

Are you looking for a kitchen remodeler in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Hampton Roads area? You’ve come to the right place! We provide full-service kitchen construction and remodeling services for homeowners in the area and can bring your dream kitchen to life!

Whether you want a completely new kitchen install or are looking for cabinet dealers, installers and kitchen designers in Virginia Beach and Norfolk area to give your space a makeover, we can help. No matter what your kitchen design needs are, 757 Kitchen Remodeling can make it a reality

Remodeling your kitchen should reflect personal tastes. The shape of a kitchen does not denote the style it must be. Most kitchens are in the shape of a U, G or L while others can mimic a galley. If the kitchen is small, choosing lighter cabinetry, backsplash tiles and wall colors will open it up and widen the space. Comparatively, larger kitchens in lighter colors can seem endless. Homeowners having trouble picking a starting point can find one material they love and build the rest of the kitchen around it. For example, someone may love plain, white 42-inch, custom cabinets with long stainless pulls. The rest of this dream kitchen can now be designed with a contemporary flair to make the cabinetry the main attraction.

The customary order for a dream kitchen renovation in Chesapeake is as follows:

Special order custom items, unique countertops, cabinetry and anything that may take several weeks to arrive.
Obtain permits.
Complete any necessary demo work.
Complete vent ductwork if range hood is to be installed for first time.
Begin rough-in gas lines and new plumbing work.
Begin rough-in electrical work.
Get approval from inspector for completed work.
Install new flooring.
Add baseboards, shoe molding and thresholds.
Install new cabinetry.
Install appliances.
Complete electrical work.
Install countertops.
Install plumbing fixtures and sink. Undermount sink(s) will require a countertop installer’s assistance.
Put up tile backsplash.
Get final approval from inspector.
Paint walls and baseboards.

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, know your efforts will be rewarded. Take this renovation seriously and treat it as an investment that can keep giving back to your family for years to come. Hiring a contractor and designer are the first steps to turning a simple cooking area into a dream kitchen. Use your creativity and organizational skills to turn this renovation into a fond experience.

We can help recreate your space by remodeling with quality products, materials, and appliances at a price that suits your budget. Call us for a consultation to learn how you can transform this high traffic room of your home.

Our philosophy is to keep our clients happy well after the sale. This may explain why most of our business comes from repeat customers and/or referrals. It would be our pleasure to add you to our list of satisfied customers! Contact Us.

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