Beautiful kitchen design in Virginia Beach

“Now you see ¡t, now you don’t” neatly sums up Renu

Agrawal’s California kitchen. “Cooking is my outlet,

and this kitchen is my workshop,” says Renu, an

accomplished cook who revels in producing elaborate

Indian- and Italian-inspired meals for family and

friends. “Because everything is organized and in its

place, it’s easy to be creative.” Still, she knows how

creativity can breed chaos. “When I’m preparing

a meal, I like to have people all around me and

everything out on the counters,” she says. But once

dinner’s over, space is quickly and easily restored

to its immaculate, orderly resting state. ‘

Key to its efficiency is two floor-to-ceiling storage

walls and an 11-foot island, all conceived by kitchen

designer Vin Leger, who met Renu’s demands for a

convivial, clutter-free kitchen by making the most

of its long, narrow layout. “A large island invites

interaction between cooks and sitting guests,” Leger says, “while cabinetry on both sides of the kitchen

makes the long space feel cozier and provides ample storage for multiple functions.” By distributing storage

along both sides of the room, Læger was able to subtly divide the space into two zones. Its “guest” side

includes cabinetry dedicated to wine serving and storage, along with a coffee station; the “work” side

provides Renu with traffic-free access to appliances, pantries, and trash. The island both separates and joins

the two zones. Renu also appreciates her kitchen’s modem, minimalist aesthetic. “My taste is at the extreme

end of contemporary,” she says, “while my husband prefers more warmth.” To honor their distinct style

preferences, Leger fashioned a tightly edited mix of cutting-edge and organic materials, including

high-gloss acrylic upper cabinets, walnut hardwood cabinetry, and quartz-surfacing countertops that

climb the walls and morph into backsplashes. “I wanted a minimal number of materials in this kitchen

so it would have a calm, Zen-like quality,” Renu says. To further the tranquil effect, Leger specified a

deep sink to hide dirty dishes, and a tall backsplash on the sink peninsula to keep kitchen messes out of

view of guests seated in the adjacent dining room. Renu counts those features among her favorites. “I

absolutely hate clutter,” she says, “so I love that I can’t see it even when I know it’s there!”

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